"The sweet sugary taste of 100% natural LAKANTO-with 0 calories !!"
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Natural Sweetener for Diabetics and Dieters.
Granule type:
150g, 200g, 600g, and 800g in plastic bag.
Stick type:
3g*25sticks and 3g*45sticks
Cube type:
180g, 200g

Heat-resistant and not ruined by heat-cooking

Because LAKANTO provides excellent heat resistance, the taste is scarcely degraded by heating.
LAKANTO can be used in the same manner as sugar.

Sweetener with 0 calenergy, made from 100% natural materials.

LAKANTO is a sweetener of naturally occurring materials prepared by an extract of "Luo Han Guo," which is called god's fruit in China, and "erythritol," sweet-taste component contained in wine and mushrooms.
Almost all LAKANTO orally ingested is absorbed at the small intestine, but it is not metabolized in a human body but more than 90% are quickly discharged in urine.
Consequently, LAKANTO is a calorie free sweetener which does not produce any energy in the body.

Good Taste like "Brown" Sugar

LAKANTO provides natural taste born from natural materials. It is a delicious sweetener strongly recommended to use every day in place of sugar.

Momordicae fructus Extract and Erythritol have No Effect on Blood Sugar Level and Insulin Secretion.